• Left: An old photo of a younger Fuzz Martin sitting on a couch, holding a video game controller with his eldest daughter, a baby at the time, sitting beside him. Right: A recent photo of Fuzz Martin with his family. From left to right: Fuzz’s wife, his eldest daughter, and his youngest daughter, who is holding flowers and a stuffed toy, all smiling together outdoors.

    Big Dumb Kids

    June 16, 2024
    Parenting by/for Dummies When you’re born, you come into this life thinking your parents know everything. They are your world…
  • Cartoonish image of an angry robot causing chaos, humorously depicted with large glowing eyes and mechanical jaws crunching on paper support tickets. The background features scattered papers and flickering digital screens in a dark yet comical setting. (image created with Dall-E 3)

    Owned vs. Rented

    May 8, 2024
    I didn't take my own advice If you came here within the last 48 hours, you may have noticed the…
  • Architectural rendering of the proposed new Village of Kewaskum building. The modern, two-story brick and stone structure features large windows on both floors. Landscaping includes grass and small shrubs. The building is shown at dusk, with interior and exterior lighting illuminating the space. The "Village of Kewaskum" signage is prominently displayed on the front facade.

    A New Era for Kewaskum: Investing in Our Future

    April 25, 2024
    Addressing the Needs of Our Community When I ran for Kewaskum trustee, the number one issue that I shouted from…
  • This image features a collection of items laid out on a textured, light-colored carpet, organized for donation. The assortment includes various electronics such as phone chargers, USB cables, and adapters; personal items like sunglasses, a leather wallet, and a pair of running shoes; and several pieces of clothing neatly folded, predominantly t-shirts. Notably, there are also toy cars packaged in yellow boxes, and a weightlifting belt by Schiek. This organized display illustrates a thoughtful decluttering effort, highlighting a range of useful items set to find new homes.

    Giving Up 40 Things

    March 3, 2024
    Let the annual decluttering begin We’re not a religious family. Our youngest daughter goes to Sunday school, but for the…
  • Cartoon image of an elderly man with white hair and a bushy mustache, wearing a colorful sweater. He is comically frustrated, shaking his fist at a fluffy cloud above him against a clear blue sky. His expression is exaggerated, depicting humor in his frustration.

    Standing Still or Falling Behind?

    February 24, 2024
    Get with the times. Hello friends. Since the last time we last spoke, I’ve gotten older. I hope the same…
  • The image depicts a scene from a high school senior skip day in 1996. It features two young men in a parking lot. The man in the foreground is dressed in a white tank top and appears to be talking or interacting with someone off-camera, giving a candid expression. In the background, his friend, wearing a plaid shirt and a baseball cap, leans casually against an older model car. The setting is an outdoor parking area with trees and a clear sky, capturing a relaxed, nostalgic moment from their youth.

    30 Pieces of Advice I’d Give My Younger Self

    August 17, 2023
    "Listen up, young Fuzz..." A few years ago, I attended a leadership conference (or read a book or watched a…
  • The image shows an Apple Gift Card, specifically designed for purchasing Apple products and services. The top section of the card displays the Apple logo followed by the text "Gift Card" and "For all things Apple". Below this, a series of icons represent Apple products and services such as Mac, iPhone, iPad, Watch, Accessories, App Store, Music, TV+, iTunes, and Fitness+. The card instructs to visit a website for redemption and notes the card's usage for online and Apple Store purchases. A barcode and a series of obscured numbers (for security) are visible towards the bottom. The footer provides a customer service number and legal information, dated 2022, affirming Apple Inc.'s copyright.

    Don’t Fall for the Gift Card Scam

    August 11, 2023
    Scammers are out scammin' This morning, I opened my email to a heartbreaking discovery. Someone I work with outside of…
  • A close-up view of an AT&T sign on the exterior of a building. The sign features the distinctive AT&T logo, a globe with blue and white stripes, positioned on a silver plaque with the company name "at&t" in lowercase letters. The background shows a blurred view of vertical architectural elements, emphasizing the focus on the branded signage. The image captures a modern corporate aesthetic, highlighting the recognizable branding of AT&T.

    Don’t Call it a Layoff…

    August 8, 2023
    Using "Return to Work" as a sneaky way to cut staff Zoom and AT&T—two companies that absolutely made bank when the pandemic…
  • A cheerful family of four is posing for a selfie on a sunny day, set against the backdrop of the rocky, grass-covered hills of Red Rocks Amphitheatre. From left to right: a smiling woman with brown hair wearing sunglasses and a dark gray top, a young woman with blonde hair wearing a black T-shirt, a smiling man with light brown hair wearing sunglasses and a black T-shirt, and a young girl with brown hair wearing heart-shaped sunglasses and a gray T-shirt with a colorful print. They all look happy and relaxed, enjoying the scenic view and pleasant weather.

    My “North Star”

    August 7, 2023
    It's a dumb business term, but I'm going to use it. My oldest daughter just turned 19. 👶🏼 FuzzMartin.com is…
  • A jubilant caramel-colored cocker spaniel is lying on a lush green lawn, a tennis ball in front of him. The dog, wearing a green harness, looks up with a playful expression and tongue out, encapsulating a moment of joy and anticipation during playtime.

    Four-Legged Fun

    June 6, 2023
    All Kewaskum parks are now dog-friendly! Shanna and I moved into our subdivision 10 years ago. When we were closing…