• Left: An old photo of a younger Fuzz Martin sitting on a couch, holding a video game controller with his eldest daughter, a baby at the time, sitting beside him. Right: A recent photo of Fuzz Martin with his family. From left to right: Fuzz’s wife, his eldest daughter, and his youngest daughter, who is holding flowers and a stuffed toy, all smiling together outdoors.

    Big Dumb Kids

    By Fuzz Martin • June 16, 2024 • GeneralBook Review, Parenting

    Parenting by/for Dummies When you’re born, you come into this life thinking your parents know everything. They are your world and can do nothing wrong. Then, when your first child is born, you panic. Do you know anything? Suddenly, you are this little human's world. What if you do everything wrong? What if you screw…
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What is 15 Minutes with Fuzz?

Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz is a weekly podcast where I showcase the positive things happening in and around Washington County, Wisconsin. The show is meant to be fun, upbeat, and a change from what you're used to on social media. 

Upcoming Episodes

The season is currently on a tiny little summer break, BUT, we will have episodes coming up including: 

  • An update from the Village of Richfield on their Public Safety Referendum
  • Fiesta Latina from Casa Guadalupe (August, 2024)

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