A jubilant caramel-colored cocker spaniel is lying on a lush green lawn, a tennis ball in front of him. The dog, wearing a green harness, looks up with a playful expression and tongue out, encapsulating a moment of joy and anticipation during playtime.

Four-Legged Fun

All Kewaskum parks are now dog-friendly!

Shanna and I moved into our subdivision 10 years ago. When we were closing on our home, I asked the former owners if there were any convenances. “You just need to have kids and a dog,” they replied.

Great news! We have both.

And the former owners weren’t kidding. I haven’t done an exact count, but I estimate that 78-83% of homeowners in our neighborhood have a dog. They’re everywhere!

A walk in the park

A few years after we moved in—I forget the exact date (thanks, COVID)—the woods at the end of our subdivision was turned into a beautiful park.

Reigle Family Park has 31 acres complete with soccer fields, a playground, a great crushed-limestone trail, and a catch-and-release fishing pond. However, despite all the amenities, the park is mostly unused—except when soccer matches are taking place.

At any given moment of the day, you can look out your window and see dog owners strolling along the sidewalks. However, they haven’t been allowed in village parks. I’ve long thought it was a shame that the local “Conduct in Parks” ordinance forbade pet owners from making use of our awesome parks and trails.

And then I was elected to the village board.

Time for a new law, dog

At Monday, June 5th’s meeting of the Kewaskum Village Board, we passed ordinance 2023-06 allowing dogs in Kewaskum’s parks! The ordinance was approved by a 5-2 vote.

There are a few rules with the new ordinance:

  1. Your dog(s) must be on a six-foot or shorter leash
  2. When your dog goes poo, you’ve got to clean it up right away (that law was already on the books)
  3. Dogs aren’t allowed on any playing surfaces—including baseball diamonds, soccer pitches, pickleball courts, tennis and basketball courts, and playgrounds

By the way, I am convinced that Administrator Gitter saw this as his chance to get the term “pickleball” into our village ordinances, but I digress.

A close-up portrait of a thoughtful caramel-colored cocker spaniel resting his chin on the edge of a gray couch. The dog's soulful eyes and drooping ears convey a sense of calm and contentment, contrasting with the lively atmosphere suggested by the blurred background of a cozy, lived-in room.

I’m excited for how this new ordinance will improve the use of our recreational areas in the village. I just ask that dog owners act responsibly by cleaning up after their pets and being a good example for other dog owners. We don’t want a few bad apples spoiling the bunch.

The pup and I will see you on the trail!

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