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The State of the Housing Market in Washington County with Noel Dedrick

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This week, Noel Dedrick, a seasoned Realtor and Owner of Dedrick Homes joins me to discuss the current state of the housing market in Washington County, Wisconsin. She provides us with unique insights into the market trends, shifts, and expectations that are shaping Washington County’s housing landscape. From the perspectives of both buyers and sellers to the impact of economic conditions, Noel discusses a wide range of topics, ensuring that whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned vet, or you’re just curious, you’ll find her insights invaluable.

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    Fuzz Martin 0:00
    Oh hello friends, it’s me, Fuzz. Thanks for listening to Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz. I know, I know. I didn’t get you an episode last week. I have good excuses. Even though we all know that excuses are like brussel sprouts. I got nothing.

    Fuzz Martin 0:24
    For Mother’s Day weekend, I volunteered for the Wisconsin 9/11 memorial at Tough Mudder it was a lot of fun, but simultaneously, a lot of work. I was beat. And then you know how the song goes. It’s Friday, then it’s Saturday, Sunday. What? And then it took off Monday. And then all of a sudden it was Tuesday, and I didn’t have this episode ready for you. So it’s Tuesday again. And I’m going to give you two episodes this week to make up for it. First up is Noel Dedrick of Dedrick Homes. Noel is realtor and I brought her in to talk about buying and selling homes in our area here in the Year of Our Lord 2023. It’s currently an interesting ride, to say the least. So with that, here are 15 minutes on the state of the housing market in Washington County, Wisconsin, with Noel Dedrick on Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz.

    Fuzz Martin 1:23
    Welcome to Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz,Noel, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your background in the real estate industry?

    Noel Dedrick 1:30
    Yeah, so I actually started in real estate back in 2005. And in that same timeframe, my husband and I were moving from Milwaukee up to Washington County,

    Fuzz Martin 1:40
    And I know you help home homeowners buy and sell homes at a number of different counties but as a real tour and the owner of Dedrick homes, what inspired you to focus here on Washington County? What brought you here? And what inspired you to focus here?

    Noel Dedrick 1:53
    Well, I know we were looking for something out of the city, just a little bit of a slower paced transition from from Milwaukee. So we decided we wanted to come out to where there just aren’t as many people population was a little bit less, and just nice, friendly people and the community.

    Fuzz Martin 2:11
    And so what are some of the key reasons why people that you work with choose to live here in Washington County? What makes it unique and attractive to homebuyers?

    Noel Dedrick 2:19
    I think the sense of community is very important. I know many of the school districts in Washington County are also highly rated, and just family friendly atmosphere, just being able to, you know, know your neighbors and know, different people throughout the communities.

    Fuzz Martin 2:35
    Can you describe the current state of the housing market here in Washington County? What kind of things have you observed over the last few years,

    Noel Dedrick 2:43
    it continues to be a seller’s market. And we’re just facing a continued slump of home sellers or people that are looking to actually sell their home. So we just have many more buyers than we have sellers. So it just continues to be a great time for people to sell their home. But a difficult time for those buyers that are out there looking to purchase.

    Fuzz Martin 3:03
    There’s not a lot of homes for sale right now. Are there?

    Noel Dedrick 3:05
    No, not at all.

    Fuzz Martin 3:07
    Does that make your job more difficult?

    Noel Dedrick 3:09
    It certainly does. It certainly does. I definitely like to say some of the gray in my hairs because of the market that we’ve had these last couple of years. But it’s great again, for sellers. And it’s just that you have to go in strategically when you’re working with buyers to get them the home that they’re looking for sure.

    Fuzz Martin 3:25
    Are there any particular neighborhoods or communities here in Washington County that have been growing in popularity recently?

    Noel Dedrick 3:32
    I do think we’re in Kewaskum, specifically, which I love. And I know that community has just been growing, doing more things. We’ve got so many shops and different restaurants out there in together with that with the farmer’s market that are out there. Those are pretty cool. Those are in West Ben Kewaskum. And other areas as well.

    Fuzz Martin 3:51
    There’s lots of great stuff going on. And it’s uh, I mean, I’m a little biased toward Kewaskum. Everybody listening knows that. But it is I think all of Washington County right now is a great place to live. And there’s a lot of great things going on that’s moving the county forward and being a place where people are moving from the city or from other areas to Washington County, because it’s really attractive place.

    Noel Dedrick 4:13
    Right? Absolutely. And even all of the shops even that have opened up in West Bend in the last 12 months. It’s just great to see the growth in that, you know, there are companies out there looking and have chosen, you know, West Bend or Washington County to move into. ,

    Fuzz Martin 4:28
    Yeah and I would even say having West Bend is kind of a hub. And Hartford is kind of a hub. It’s got the whole county there’s, you know, no matter which if you live in a little community or in one of those communities, everything’s what you need is really close no matter where you aren’t right? Absolutely. Yes. Can you share some insights on the types of homes that are in demand right now in Washington County, any special features or styles that homeowners or homebuyers are looking for?

    Noel Dedrick 4:53
    Well, you know, there’s still even though it’s a seller’s market, I think buyers are still out there really wanting things or homes that are Are men nice condition nice shape. I’ve been actually working with a few different home builders now because the existing inventory is so low that I’ve found or figured out that probably new construction is, you know, still something that people are interested in, but just trying to get that on the table,

    Fuzz Martin 5:19
    Or would you say that it’s pretty much people are buying whatever they can get their hands on these days that are part of that too, right now?

    Noel Dedrick 5:25
    Yeah, that’s a big part of it, as well. But my focus too, and I, what I always try to say to my buyers, is make sure you love it, I’d like to resell it, but make sure you love it. I don’t want to resell it, because you decide that it really wasn’t the home for you.

    Fuzz Martin 5:38
    Yeah, definitely. And in this market, where it’s hard to find a home right now, and that you do run that risk of, you know, buying the first available and then maybe not it being the house that you love. And that’s when it comes to building. Right.

    Noel Dedrick 5:52
    Right building is another opportunity that seems to, you know, be intriguing to more people just again, based on the low inventory that’s out there.

    Fuzz Martin 6:01
    Sure. So has the home buying process changed in the last few years, partially with technology and online resources. But Let’s even say with the tight demand has, how’s the process changed in this market?

    Noel Dedrick 6:12
    Well, I think as time goes on, just based on what is out there online for people to find themselves, and then just kind of being able to figure out for the most part where they want to live. And the reasons you know as to why maybe it’s the schools or commuting to work. So some of southern Washington County works well for those that are commuting into the Milwaukee area. But I think just online tools, you know that those have definitely changed and continue to change, trying to get buyers more educated with what’s out there by adding our fingertips.

    Fuzz Martin 6:45
    So at our, at my business here we have a number of newer younger families and such a lot of lot of marriages and a lot of babies happening here at my office. As a real estate expert, what advice would you give to first time homebuyers, especially those here in Washington County. And again, with today’s market in mind,

    Noel Dedrick 7:04
    Really take the time to research you know, an agent or agents that work locally to the areas that you’re looking. And probably even, you know, do an interview one or two with a different agents just kind of see how you connect with that agent. And you know, how long have they been out there kind of what strategies they might be able to use or have used, you know, with reference to the offer to try and get your winning bid. And also, it’s very important to get pre approved. But if you start with a realtor, you know, they definitely have connections for you as well for local lenders that are excellent at what they do. But you know, just being able to sit down and talk with an agent and ask as many questions as you have, it is a process for sure. And you definitely want to feel comfortable with whomever is helping you

    Fuzz Martin 7:52
    On that pre approval statement. Obviously, for a first time homebuyer that’s important, but in the negotiation process right now with the way that you know offers on homes are coming in, is that another part of that pre approval letter? Is that an important part of that, or

    Noel Dedrick 8:07
    Oh, absolutely, absolutely to even go out without having the pre approval, which helps you know, how much you can buy. The type of loan program is also important. But just knowing that you’re pre approved, and you usually won’t have too much time to decide if you want to make that offer. So it’s just best to have that in hand. And for that to be submitted with an offer. Just we have so many offers coming in on properties. So to even have a chance you do want to show that seller that you have taken those steps and gone through with a lender or bank to figure out what you can afford

    Fuzz Martin 8:40
    How long our homes typically staying on the market these days.

    Noel Dedrick 8:43
    Oh boy. Yeah, I had one just last weekend where we got in within a few hours of it being on the market and the buyer loved it jumped at it. And that was that but you know, generally maybe a day or two

    Fuzz Martin 8:56
    Okay, that’s not long at all. So if you’re looking if you’re thinking about selling your home right now probably in you said it’s a seller’s market, but this is this is probably that time right? This is the best time Yeah, especially if you have something else that already

    Noel Dedrick 9:08
    Right in right in line or in mind. Absolutely. It’s a great time to sell

    Fuzz Martin 9:14
    Do they have any special programs or resources out there that can help people with the buying process right now?

    Noel Dedrick 9:19
    Um, there are some resources out there depending on you know, I know there are some banks and even lenders that will do buyer seminars. So you can you know, look to find any of those and then again, just having a well connected realtor to help you with the process I think will put you in in a good position.

    Fuzz Martin 9:35
    What do you see happening in the future of you know, in this area in terms of growth, development, community involvement, those kinds of things,

    Noel Dedrick 9:44
    You know, Washington County just being a great source and and progressing into the future. So in Jackson specifically right now, they actually just broke ground for the Washington County next generation housing initiative, which is fantastic. Those are homes, both single family and under two family homes that will be priced in the price point of about 320,000 up to a 420,000 Max. So that’s actually a wonderful addition for people that are looking to get into the market with keeping their budget you know, a little bit relevant to what’s going on.

    Fuzz Martin 10:17
    Yeah. And there have spent you know, there’s obviously conversation with $325,000 is still a lot of money for a house for especially for first time homebuyer but in Washington County, I read recently that of the $300,000 Homes recently sold them last month, I believe it was the lowest price one was 369,000. So it’s so 325 is actually

    Noel Dedrick 10:39
    it’s actually a good starting price point. And 2023. Yeah, it really is.

    Fuzz Martin 10:43
    So the days of our $60,000 homes are no more but the days of our $60,000 Cars are almost out of your

    Noel Dedrick 10:51
    Well, exactly. It’s all relative, right?

    Fuzz Martin 10:52
    Exactly. I say with sad tears rolling. If somebody would like to talk to you and Dedrick Homes about buying or listing a home, what’s the best way to get in touch with you and to learn more about your agency?

    Noel Dedrick 11:06
    Yes, I do have a website. So that is www dot I am on Instagram, Facebook LinkedIn.

    Fuzz Martin 11:18
    Noel, thank you for coming onto Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz, I really appreciate it. Thanks for your insight on the state of the real estate industry here in Washington County. We appreciate it and we’ll see you around.

    Noel Dedrick 11:29
    Well, thank you so much for having me.

    Fuzz Martin 11:31
    Very welcome. Thank you again to Noel Dedrick of Dedrick Holmes for joining me on this week’s episode of Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz. Depending on how they come through in your podcast player, this should be the first of two episodes but maybe it’s the second of two that come out this week for you today. Okay, learn more about Noel Dedrick and Dedrick homes at That’s If you have an idea for a guest here on Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz, hit me up [email protected] spell out the word 15. Don’t use the number. [email protected] Or go to slash guest and fill out the form that’s New episodes mostly on Tuesdays, hit the Follow button to get this show delivered to your favorite podcast player as soon as it comes out. And with that I’ll talk to you in like two minutes or next week for the second episode right here on 15 minutes with fuzz

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